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Toss N Talk About Conversation Ball - Relaxation



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Toss N Talk About Conversation Ball - Relaxation

One of our hugely popular conversation balls!

Promote peaceful group sessions with positive directions and questions such as "Hug someone" and "Name 2 healthy ways you can relax." Also features calming activity suggestions like "Close your eyes and imagine children playing. Describe what you see" and "Clench your fists tightly, then release and shake them out." This unique 60cm inflatable ball is printed with simple instructions or questions that will encourage social interaction, reminiscing, relaxation, self-esteem or just exploring personal feelings. Players catch the ball and name answer a question or directive.
A specific question is selected by the position of their thumb.

60cm inflatable ball includes game and activity ideas. Perfect for one-on one sessions or group activities. Easily adaptable for all age and functioning levels.

Ball can be manually inflated or by using a standard foot pump - see Dice & Extras

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