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Coleman 240V High Performance Quickpump



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Coleman 240V (Mains Power) High Performance Quickpump

The quick and convenient way to inflate and deflate our giant balls, water toys and other inflatables

  • • High volume and powerful enough to inflate double high airbeds
  • • Two adaptors included; will fit virtually all valves, other than needle or stem valves 
  • • Inflates and deflates 
  • • Powered by 240 volt only 
  • • Adaptors store directly into pump

These pumps are designed to inflate up to a set amount of pressure so they do not 'pop' inflatable items left unattended. When using on our balls, they will inflate the bulk amount of air, however you may need to finish inflating the expandable bladder with a 2-way foot pump.

This pump will be sufficient for most of our smaller (<1.5m) balls and inflatables

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