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The Hurlingham Mallet (Brass Bound Head)



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Croquet Mallet from the Hurlingham Set

The Hurlingham mallets are a traditional style mallet perfectly suitable for home garden use. They’re not weighted with lead like the competition mallets but have brass bound ends and are well balanced with an average weight of 2lbs 14oz.

Made from a dense and tough Asian hardwood called Kikar, the mallet head is turned to a traditional cylindrical shape with an inlaid sighting line. The brass rings are heated before being pressed over the ends and screwed firmly in place. Not only does the polished brass look great, but it eliminates the chances of splitting the edges of mallet head from off centre shots. The heads are 9 1/4″ long with a diameter of 3″.

English ash is used to make the handles, which has proven its resilience over the test of time. The lower half of the handle is turned on a copy lathe and the top half is shaped to a positive octagonal shape as used for the competition mallets.

The overall length of the mallet is 36″

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