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20cm (8 Inch) Giant Chess Set and Mat



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 This portable 20cm chess set is a perfect size for indoor and outdoor play. 

Made from durable hard plastic this set can be played by all ages. Set comes complete with 32 regulation pieces also includes a thick (upholstery type) vinyl playing mat. The size of the set is determined by the height of the king. 

Each playing piece is manufactured from heavy duty moulded hard plastic with a weighted base that has felt glued to the bottom. 

Specifications of individual pieces:- Height by Base Diameter (Weight)

King - 20cm x 9cm
Queen - 19cm x 9cm
Rook - 10cm x 7cm
Bishop - 15cm x 8cm
Knight - 15cm x 8cm
Pawn - 10cm x 6.5cm

Mat dimensions: 90cm x 90cm (each square is 10cm x 10cm)

Total set Weight 4kgs. 

Set comes packaged in colourful carry box with handle and instructions.

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