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Premier Edition Scrabble Set



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Premier Edition Scrabble Set

In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, an unemployed architect named Alfred M. Butts invented a board game using letter tiles and a scoring system. He first called it Lexico, then Criss Cross Words, but it was in 1948, when he teamed with entrepreneur James Brunot, that the name Scrabble® was born.

The game's wild popularity began in the '50s and continues today. Over 100 million Scrabble games have been sold worldwide.

Our exclusive Premier edition re-imagines this classic game as it may have been in its early days. Game cabinet is crafted of solid hardwood and features die cast metal accents, including the drawer pull and tile racks


  • Rotating game board with raised grid
  • Fabric Scrabble® tile pouch
  • 100 embossed wood letter tiles
  • 4 metal tile racks
  • Fabric-wrapped score book with matching pencil
  • Timer with metal casing
  • Storage drawer with elegant organizer tray


Board Overall: - 43cm square x  11.3cm H

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