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Premium Giant Pick Up Sticks



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Premium Giant Pick Up Sticks

Only the steadiest of hands can succeed in this game of daring tension. Try to remove each stick in turn without moving any of the others. Rack up the highest score of the day to claim the winner's crown.

The game comes packed in a canvas carry bag which allows the game to be taken to any chosen playing location or allows the game to be stored safely after use. This game contains 30 beautifully painted wooden sticks each measuring 0.9m (3ft) in length.

Each wooden stick is16mm thick making this durable and long lasting as well as allowing them to be wiped clean so the game will remain looking new for years.

The sticks are coloured so you can divide the players into teams to create a more competitive game or allocate different points to each coloured stick if playing in a smaller group.

The game is suitable for adults and children, ideal for schools and groups.


  • Each Pick up Stick is painted giving it a smooth quality finish, they can easily be wiped down if needed
  • 1 x Black Stick
  • 8 x Green Stick
  • 7x Yellow Stick
  • 7 x Blue Stick
  • 7 x Red Stick
  • Ages 8+

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