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Hardwood Kubb by Garden Games



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Product Available Early October 2018

Garden Games Hardwood Kubb

Kubb is an ancient Scandinavian game that puts you right at the heart of a battlefield in your own garden. Similar to Chess, this game is won by defeating the King through all the defences.

This Kubb set is made of solid, varnished Beech and is contained within a useful green zip-up carry case, meaning you can take the game to play anywhere.

The Kubb game is sometimes known as Viking Kubb and is claimed to also have origins to the age of the Viking's - although this has not yet been proven! Kubb will require skill and accuracy, if this is not your strong point then it's a great way to learn.

You may be looking for something to entertain your wedding or party guests, or just something to keep the children occupied.

You and your family will enjoy the team spirit and competitive nature of this game - guaranteed to entertain for hours. Kubb can be played by individuals or in two teams of up to 6 players.

What's in the Box

  • Solid Wood 'King' with red detail
  • 10 x Kubbs (rectangular blocks)
  • 4 x Corner Poles
  • 6 x Throwing Batons
  • Game Rules and Instructions
  • Zip-Up Carry Bag

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