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Premium Garden Set (4 player)



The Garden 4 Player croquet set is ideal for home garden croquet with regulation sized balls and hoops.

The mallet handles are made with octagonal shaped hardwood handles and cylindrical shaped heads. These are robust and hard wearing ideal for home garden croquet although care should be taken not to damage the heads by hard off centre shots. Golf type swings must be avoided! They have an overall length of 90cm” and an average weight of 1.5kg.


- 4 Garden mallets, 36” overall.

- 1/2" white iron hoops/wickets. 3 7/8" between uprights.

- 4 composite balls. Weight 1/lb, diameter 3 5/8”.

- Center peg with removable pin.

- 4 powder coated metal clips

- 4 corner pegs.

- Color book of rules and tactics.

- Finger jointed pine storage box with rope handles.

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